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View all Kahrs Collections

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Kahrs Collections - Kahrs Wood Floor Grading - Wood Floor Finishes - Wood Floors Jointing System

Main Agents for Kahrs flooring. We aim to be the cheapest in the UK for all flooring Kahrs flooring and wooden flooring accessories. We sell at the best price the full range of Kahrs flooring in the following ranges: Style, Life, and Classic all available from the following Kahrs collections.
Wood Floor Collections - Classic Nouveau Collection, Linnea Seven Collection, Nordic Naturals, European Naturals, American Naturals, World Naturals, Sand Collection, European Renaissance, Heritage Collection, Provence Collection, , Harmony Collection, Supreme Collection, Artisan Collection, Activity Collection, Tropical Alternatives Collection.
We have special offers for Kahrs Oak London.

We also stock the following Kahrs wood flooring at the best price available:
Kahrs, Gotland, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Telemark, Kalmar, Sandvig, Falsterbo, Skagen, , Mariehamn, Beech, Beech, Oslo, Bornholm, Trondheim, Hellerup, Falster, Kentucky, Columbus, Charleston, Savannah, Cherry, Hard Maple, Alberta, winnipeg, Edmonton, Toronto, Hard Maple, Sydney, Newport, Southampton, Park Avenue, Nordic Avenue, Oak Mocha, Old Olive, Ripple, Tan, Earth, Oyster, Straw, , Slate, Saw, Camino, Linen, Nouveau White, Nouveau Bronze, Nouveau Black, Nouveau Brown, Nouveau Grey, Nouveau Snow, Nouveau Charcoal, Seaweed, Barnacle, Quay, Driftwood, Seashell, Palazzo Rovere, Milano, Cornwall, Hampshire, Jersey, Trentino, Weimar, Verona, Navarra, Madrid, Vienna, Siena, Heidelberg, Ardenne, Frost , Ember, Lava, Fog, Moss, Valois, Asturia, Plantaget, Romanov, Altavilla, Charlemagne, Oak Cloud, Oak Blanc, Oak Biscuit , Oak Honey, Oak Amber, Oak Coffee, Oak Coal, Narbonnes, Arles, Avignon, Camargue, Grasse, Tarascon, Miramas, Brighton, Portofino, Sorrento, Tapis Blanc, Tapis Marron, Tapis Noir, Croix Blanc, Croix Nature, Croix Marron, Grande Imperial, Grande Real,
Grande Casa, Grande Villa, Grande Arch, Grande Espace, Grande Manor, Grande Maison, Stavanger, Marbella, Atlanta, Vermont, Philidelphia, Montreal, Hartford, Palazzo Noce, Walnut, Majestic Avenue, Ritz Avenue, Palalce Avenue, Plaza Avenue, Cayenne, Chilli, Habanero, Coriander, Nutmeg, Cardamon, Active Sports Floor.
(see our specials page) or telephone 01603 404080 for the lowest price possible for any Kahrs floor required).

Kahrs One strip range - boards are sawn in one piece.

Kahrs Two strip range - boards made of two strips in the width

Kahrs Three strip range - boards made of three strips in the width.

Linnea Range of Wood Floors Only 7 mm thick

Full range of Kahrs Woods Flooring ( all species)

Ash Ash
The sapwood is almost white and the heartwood ranges from grey through light brown to light yellow with brown streaks. Some grades have very special figuring, which gives the floor an entirely unique and lively character. It is strong and withstands impacts.
Bacu Bacu
Light brown to light red wood species.
Beech Beech
Beech ranges in colour from light cream to medium tan/brown with pink-orange overtones. It is usually straight-grained, with dense figuring and its hard surface resists impacts. It adds warmth, and its uniform appearance makes the room seem airy.
Birch Birch
A stiff wood with excellent shock resistance, commonly used in fine furniture. Birch is usually straight-grained, with a fine, often wavy, structure. A birch floor gives the room a light, elegant look and can help to accentuate the rest of the decor.
Cherry Cherry
America's favourite wood for cabinet and furniture production. A beautiful and versatile species, warm, individual and charming. The sapwood is creamy white while the heartwood can vary from deep red to reddish brown, which together forms a fine figured, straight grain.
European maple European maple
Famous for having no taste or smell, it is often used for kitchen worktops and chopping boards. Compared with Hard Maple, European Maple has a lustre all of its own that gives the room a clean airy feel. The thin annual rings and soft figuring make it unique.
Hard maple Hard maple
Famous for its sap which is turned into Maple syrup. The sapwood is cream-coloured, with a tendency to reddish brown, and the heartwood varies from light to dark brown with red highlights. It usually has fine figuring with straight, but sometimes slightly wavy, grain.
Jarrah Jarrah
Jarrah has been used traditionally because of its durability and hardness. Jarrah has a smooth surface and straight graining, which has also made it sought after for the manufacture of furniture, doors and floors. The sapwood and heartwood vary from salmon-pink to deep red.
Jatoba Jatoba
Jatoba is often used for hardwearing products such as handrails, sports equipment and floors because of its hardness. The sapwood can have broad figuring, light pink and sometimes greyish tones. The heartwood ranges from salmon pink to reddish brown with dark streaks.
Merbau Merbau 
The heartwood ranges from yellow to orange-brown. One of its special characteristics is that a type of yellow flecking in the wood's pores changes the character when it is sanded. The result is wood with a surface that seems to be speckled with gold.
Oak Oak
Oak is the most popular species for floors and furniture in Europe and the USA due to its lovely appearance and long life. Oak can be processed easily to give numerous colour tones, and is available in lacquered or oiled finishes.
Palisander Palisander
Reddish brown to dark purple wood species with dark or black stripes.
Red Oak Red Oak
Red Oak is America's most popular species for floors. The sapwood is white to light brown, and the heartwood is pink to reddish brown. The wood usually has straight grain. It is hard and durable, and it takes a wide range of coloured stains quite easily.
Rosewood Rosewood
A very beautiful species, which is often used for decorative veneers, cabinet making, instruments, furniture and floors. The colour varies from dark brown to deep purple with black streaks
Teak Teak
Leather brown wood species, often with dark brown to black streaks. The structure is lively and decorative.
Walnut Walnut
A dark, exclusive wood used in fine furniture. The sapwood is creamy white but the heartwood is a light brown to dark chocolate brown, sometimes with a tendency to purple. The wood gains a special lustre over the years. It usually has straight graining, but can have wavy shapes that offer exciting variation.

Ash, Gotland, Gothenburg , Kalmer , Stockholm, Telemark, Skagen,
Beech, Bornholm, Oslo , Lolland , Trondheim , Visby, Fyn, Viborg , Hellerup , Falste, Viborg , Falster,
Birch, Lapland, Sarek, Aaland, Kentucky, Charleston , Arizona, Savannah, Santa Barbara ,
Cherry, Cherry Plank Bevelled, Lugano, Tirol, Salzburg, Alberta, Edmonton , Ontario, Toronto, Minitoba ,
Hard Maple -
Jatoba Linnea with Beech Strip Shipsdeck, Jatoba Linnea with Wenge Strip Shipsdeck, Jarrah Sydney, Jatoba
, Jatoba Nature Provence, Caracus , Brasilia , Brasilia FSC, La Paz, La Paz FSC, Southampton, Newport,
Merbau Nature Provence, Merbau Singapore , Merbau Jakarta , Merbau Manila, Nouveau Bronze,
Oak Nouveau Brown, Nouveau Black, Oak Nouveau Mochat , Oak Nouveau Almond, Nouveau White, Como, Oak Baden, Oak Weimar , Oak Trentino , Oak Cornwall , Oak Baden, Oak Hampshire, Oak Weimar , Oak Cornwall , Oak Jersey, Oak Milano , Oak Baden , Madrid, Verona, Navarra , Highland, Oak Corsica, Vienna, Siena , Heidelberg , Siena , Oak Corsica , Oak Palazzo Rovere , Oak Castello Marrone, Oak Castello Bianco, Oak Castello Nero, Oak Castello Grigio, Wasa, Tudor, Bourbon, Staurt, Oak Plank Bevelled, Oak, Oak Linnea Nature, Oak Linnea Cognac, Oak Linnea Expresso, Oak Linnea White, Oak Nature Provence, Oak Cognac Provence, Oak Espresso, Oak White, Oak Brighton, Oak Portofino, Oak Sorrento ,
Oak/Ash, Stavanger, Bergen,
Palisander , Denver, Virginia,
Rosewood Cape Town , Rosewood Durban,
Teak , Vermont , Philidelphia , Kansas, Montreal , Hartford ,
Walnut Palazzo Noce , Walnut Bevelled, Walnut,
Start/End Boards FOC,
Oak Normal

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Showroom open Monday - Friday 9am-5pm. Saturday 10am-4pm.
Hamiltons | 4 Mousehold Lane | Norwich | Norfolk | NR7 8HF
TEL. 01603 404080 | FAX. 01603 484404 |

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