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Kahrs Wood Floor Grading
This will help you to quickly understand the interior feel, look and colour of the floors


Kahrs Wood Floors gradingKahrs Wood Floors Classic grading
City Selection:
Clean and Knott Free
These wood floors can be light or dark depending on the wood species, but the tone and overall effect is uniform. If you like tranquillity, look for a floor in the City selections.
Town Selection:
A slightly more rustic floor with more colour variation and few, if any knots . If you are looking for a floor with minimal variations, take a look at our Town selections.
Country Selection:
If you are striving for a more rustic look you will probably like a floor in our Country selection. Here you will find dramatic graining and knotted wood, greater colour variation, unmistakably natural and bold.
Classic Selection
Has been refined through brushing and staining and the creation of a distinctive bevel on all four edges. Floors that are as beautiful as they are easy to look after

Surface treatment

Satin lacquer:
Our silk matt lacquer complements the wood's character by accentuating its natural living structure. This makes the floor more hardwearing and easier to clean. At the same time, the lacquer is one of the very thinnest available and does not conceal the beautiful floor surface.



Matt lacquer:
Our matt lacquer almost gives the impression that the floor is completely untreated bare wood, or treated with natural oil. You can clearly feel the soft, natural surface with your fingers or when you walk barefoot on the floor. Matt lacquer is as hardwearing and easy to maintain as satin lacquer.



Nature oil:
Kährs Nature oil gives your floor a wonderfully natural and beautiful feel. The oil brings out the wood's wonderful texture and graining, and enriches the natural wood colour. While easy to maintain, you must remember that floors treated with Nature oil need a little more care and need to be treated with Kährs wax-oil regularly.

Colour change
All wood changes colour over time. Some species darken rapidly, while others change less dramatically and more slowly when exposed to normal sunlight. Nature never stands still, that is the charm of a natural material.

Natural light, the size of the windows, other lighting and orientation are some of the points that can influence the choice of floor colour. A dark floor "swallows" a lot of light, and also affects the feeling of space. At the same time, a dark floor can create a warm and comfortable feel in large rooms. A light wood floor reflects the light and increases the feeling of space within the room, and can create a dramatic contrast to dark design details.


Vintage look achieved through special wood processing method.




Bevelling the edges on 1-strip floor boards accentuates each individual plank. This year we are introducing several floors with edges that are bevelled to varying degrees. Everything from floors with micro-bevelling (a slight accentuation of the edge using sandpaper) to more dramatic, stronger bevels on all edges that give the floor a more rustic and robust look.


Brushing the surface highlights the natural structure of the grain creating additional texture. We can vary the effect depending on the species, and type of bristle. Brushing is usually accompanied by other surface treatments such as bevelling the edges and applying a coloured stain or glaze.

Natural or stained

We can use stains to further enhance the colour that nature provided. From light, white lacquered or white oiled to dark, deep and exotic colours.